Monday, February 8, 2010

My Family Story

I want to know about my grandparents and my uncle so I have started a hunt for them. Actually I want to know my family's entire story - why stop two generations back lol :-)

And I have great team members in Graham and Nancy. We are progressively putting our heads together and trying to remember what snippets of information we can, and cross reference that with any leads we come across.

Now I am not putting a timeline on this - especially as the family is UK and South African based - it is going to take more time than driving down the road and popping into the local paper or library. And, I also have a few other projects on my plate too lol.

It is all very exciting - a real life jigsaw puzzle :-)


pita-woman said...

Oh g/f, be careful. Genealogy can become very addicting!! If you're not careful, you'll find yourself spending hours upon hours on this project, but it can be great fun and very rewarding too. When I did mine, I met cousins I never knew I had.
I believe Kyles is big-time into genealogy, I'm sure she'd be glad to give you some tips.
good luck!!

Mountaingirl said...

Kyles has been offering help since the beginning (and what a font of knowledge she is - and so very generous too) ... and yes it is addicting already lol