Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plans Are Made

Despite many, many promises, I am going back to WA. It is only for a quickish visit. I always said I wouldn't but I have a very special friend with a very special occasion that has put in a very special request.

And now I need to put in all of the logistical requirements ....

There are the obvious ones like needing wheelchair support through the airport (and that will be four in total - two each way) which I can organize with no problem but then there are all of the unexpected bits.

I am trying so hard to not be a martyr or a problem but there are difficulties at every stage of this trip that I need to make contingency plans for - like the possibility of walking 100 m from the bus stop to my destination on one leg. Now if I have a day like today that is just so not realistic - I am having enough problems walking from one room to another let alone 100 m!

I have spent time developing a daily regime where I can cope with all contingencies with a minimum of fuss to the rest of the world. I am truly looking forward to the trip but am not really comfortable with having to ask for help ... and I know I will - possibly a lot.

Damn this desire for independence!!!!!!


Mountaingirl said...

Okay I am starting to deal with the little details - wheelchairs at all airports have been booked. And it looks like Plan A to get to the train might come about - although I am contemplating whether a Plan B might also be a better option - will get to that on Sunday). That's a start.

I know I am being over-sensitive but the last visitor I had (who was specifically and brutally told prior to arrival that I didn't need fancy treatment) left leaving me feeling like shit - completely disempowered and useless. I am not looking for a repeat on my adventure.

Angie said...

When do you arrive? Maybe see you in Kakulas!!! Thanks for your visit.