Monday, December 28, 2009

It Started Last Night ....

At 12.38 am my smoke alarm went off briefly. Fortunately I was awake. I wombled into the kitchen (rapid movement is so not an option towards the end of the day) and doubled checked the oven was off and nothing was billowing smoke. It was as I suspected, time to change the batteries... in principle.

Okay I know you are meant to change them on April Fool's Day each year but my batteries don't last that long - no matter what brand I buy - so I end up with random blasts from the smoke alarm, becoming more and more frequent, as the battery begins to die. I got wise this year, I was going to deal with after the first blast.

Now I can't really move at the best of times so climbing on a chair with arms fully extended (being the short person that I am) was quickly eliminated as an option. So I went to the next best thing - my whacking stick. It is actually a magnificent natural hiking stick that was gifted to me some years ago but I haven't had the opportunity to use it for hiking - but it has been used for whacking, hence the name change.

With whacking stick in hand I took aim and knocked the alarm off the ceiling. It feel neatly onto a nearby couch. Not so lucky for the glass lamp shade which deflected the alarm on the way down. It shattered. I picked up the alarm and took out the battery.

I have been into the lounge a few times today - shattered glass everywhere. I have seriously considered leaving it all there until my home help comes in 10 days. But again, that is not really an option so I have done what needed to be done. I have bent down and picked up the pieces. I have vacuumed the area thoroughly. I have hurt my back. I am not surprised - that is why I contemplated leaving it for 10 days.

If anyone wants me I shall be in bed, gobbling down pain killers.

Photo: "Air Curl" by gooeyraisin

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