Friday, May 29, 2009

Mountain Climbing ... or the Door Theory

Following on from my post ponderings the possibility and challenge of things to come there have been some changes - mainly in me but isn't that always the way.

My job finishes on June 30 and from there my doctor is recommending that I take some time out to give my poor back a chance to heal - or at least stabilise. This means I will be looking at the disability pension for at least two years. It has been really confronting to acknowledge the amount of pain I have been in, and all the subtle changes I have made to my life to both accommodate the circumstances while avoid dealing with the whole situation. I must admit when he made the recommendation an entire weight lifted off my shoulders.

As well as giving me this opportunituy, he is also coming up with a comprehensive plan to improve my quality of life when and where possible. Just fabulous!
So will I be sitting at home feeling sorry for myself - hell no! My study starts on Monday - I have decided to just do one unit this study period - ease myself back into things.

I am also looking at developing my writing and photography skills so that I can rebuild a career that will take me through the next 20 years, no matter how limited my movement is.

So while some doors of opportunities are closing on my present job (which I love so much) as well as dreams of taking my cooking further, I feel a great deal of satisfaction in being open to the possibility of new opportunities and seeing where they will take me.

Photo: "Heaven's Door" by bosniak


pita-woman said...

Sending positive & healing vibes across the waves. Good wishes for you to be pain free, and for a satisfying new career. :)

kyles said...

aaahhh will be a whole new you :) with all the bits we know and love xo