Sunday, May 17, 2009

He's A Bloke, He's An Aussie

I went out to a club last night (no not the dancing kind - this is the restaurant and bar type of venue). Now there is a protocol when coming into these venues which I wasn't entirely sure I knew about so I admit I was a little nervous.

To explain that, if you live more than 5 km away from the venue then you need to sign in as a guest. Simple really but I wasn't sure whether it was 5 or 50 (and as I fit into the 50 km range would I have to join?) or whether those friends that I was meeting had to verify for me (and they weren't there at that moment). Okay it wasn't hard but I had questions.

Anyway, behind me in the queue were a couple of "traditional" 20-something Aussie blokes happily interjecting the "F" word a couple of times in each sentence and talking a little rough. I should immediately clarify that they weren't aggressive or rude in any way - they were just having a regular little conversation between themselves in the traditional Aussie way.

When my turn came at the front of the queue I indicated that they should go first as I needed to talk to the staff member on reception to find out what I needed to do. That person became immediately available and 10 seconds later I was organised.

Once I got upstairs to the restaurant I realised I had left my camera in the reception area. I quickly made my way back and the security officer indicated that he had noticed it and put it away behind the reception desk. My two Aussie blokes were still there and they made a general comment along the lines of "leaving already?" and I laughed and indicated I was just getting my camera. At that stage I rolled my eyes and in mock self-deprecation added "that you just can't some people anywhere".

Oh the change that came over these two "roughies"! Their faces looked concerned and one immediately added that he didn't want to hear me speaking about myself like that and the other concluded that I should never put myself down.

What was that about books and covers lol? Many thanks guys :-)

Photo: "C'mon Aussie, C'mon" by gamebreaker


diver said...

That tale was a bit like Abbey's adventure with the bikie ... a few months ago.

I have a pretty bad opinion of Australian blokes for the most part, especially tradies and roughnecks. Stories like this one and Abbey's remind me that their 'values' are so often different from their 'personas'. Thanx MG.

kyles said...

I'm glad you had a great night, watch those!

kyles said...

oh gawd Diver, don't remind of Abbey and that biker...i had forgotten all about it now i want to tell her off all over!

Anonymous said...

Oi, I made a nice friend in an unusual way... whats wrong with that you

MG your blokes werent bikers were they?