Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hitting the Books

I thought I would ease myself back into study with an introductory unit on writing essays and the like (well it has been a while). That was until I opened the books on the unit I decided to delay Images of Australia 1A.

The unit is looking at how Australians see themselves, how others see us, how and by whom are these images created, the chnages over time, the validity (or otherwise) of a national image and a consideration of those that don't identify the the general images.

I have read through the first module (and all associated readings). I have taken copious notes. My brain cells are tingling with delight at the stimulation.

I couldn't possibly go back now - especially as instructions on essay writing etc, and preferred referencing (Harvard style in this instance) is all included in the study notes of the interesting unit. And I have already bought the reference books for what I shall now refer to as the "boring" unit so I have also had a read/revise this afternoon.

I must admit this has been a very pleasurable way to spend three hours on a Saturday afternoon lol

Photo: "essence of lifelong learning" by likk


kyles said...

good for you hun, see sometimes one door has to close for another to open, and i hope you grab this chance with both hands to honour yourself and get well xo

Abbey said...

What can one say, Ditto :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well done. I'm glad to read that you are finding it enjoyable. I think the Harvard referencing system is the best.