Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hanging At Number 5

 I went to Number 5 again today - i think this shall be my new haunt. For the uninitiated, Number 5 is a new cafe located at 5 Church Street in Bellingen. Very impressive .... and it does help that friends work there so there will always be someone to chew the straw with.

In any case I went for a coffee but couldn't help, as I do, spying on what other folks had ordered. The milkshake looked particularly impressive with a dusting of cinnamon atop its foamy head. I made an appropriately impressed comment and before I knew it, was presented with a shot glass sampler. The top photo is my proof. Now I figured this would just be a regular milkshake, unworthy of a photo so I drank it before I thought about it.

I was wrong - this was a drop of  heaven - real banana blended with homemade ice cream to create a thick (but not too thick) measure of lip-licking heaven. And as I was still drooling over the dregs of the glass, I was offered a chocolate one as well. Camera was immediately pulled out (bottom photo).

I shall have to investigate how they managed it but this had a real depth and roundness to the chocolate - no cheap syrup was used in its creation. To choose which one was better would require the same effort as choosing which of your children you love more - not impossible but emotionally draining.

I can also highly recommend the homemade chips - fabulous. And don't forget to ask for a serve of their own Church St mayo on the side - a delightful mix of dill and mayonnaise and other secret ingredients.

Stay tuned while I try the rest of the menu :-)

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