Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Money's Too Tight To Mention

The budget is getting stretched way too tight and something has to give. I will either need to find a housemate or earn some money.

In principal the first is the easiest on my part but, if at all possible, is the one I wish to avoid. My space is so very precious to me and even if I can find the perfect person to share the place with, they will still be taking up space.

So now I look at Plan B. We have a number of markets here in town so that becomes an obvious option. The big one would be most ideal but I physically can't walk that far - no it isn't far - but it just isn't an option.

So I look to the smaller markets. They do have the advantage of being on twice a month and have just implemented a "car boot sale" type component. I need to find some more info but it would mean that the car is right next to me eliminating the need for walking. I will still need to lift and carry but I might have to suck that one up (or agree to find a housemate).

My initial idea is the rag dolls and felt bits (finger puppets, mobiles and the like). The rag dolls would be in the $20-ish range but the others would be under $10 - with the finger puppets at about $2. Maybe I could look at volume if nothing else lol. And there are the tea towels I have blinged as well.

So I have sent off my email looking for info, and in the meantime shall continue to sew sew sew :-)

I could of course get some of my work published which would be even better again .... but I think that that is a bit too much to wish for :-)

Image: "Money money money" by  duchesse-2- Guermante


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I do empathise and believe me, I know exactly how you feel. Good luck!

Mountaingirl said...

Thanks welshcakes. I have come up with Plan C overnight - instead of goign to the markets, I can set up a facebook shop - no heavy lifting or carrying and open every day. Now just to wait for some sunshine to take the photos :-)

MarthaE said...

Hello - I like your positive postings.
I hope things are doing better for you although it appears you haven't posted here recently. Perhaps you would be interested in some online blog work? We could email about it.

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