Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life, But Not As We Know It

Normally when I stop blogging it is because I am fighting the black dog but this time I have a far better excuse - I have become a bit of a social butterfly! Yes my dance card has been full and life has been a bit of a whirl.

So, a brief summary - I have won a couple of games of Scrabble but lost a whole lot more - still laugh a lot though. I have started going to the local writers group - got some great feedback for my first piece. I have been playing Auntie with baby Aeson (who is now nearly six months old). I have been visiting with baby Finn and parents - yes he has been born and moved into his nursery is just awesome. I have been working on two paintings - finished one, not quite finished the other. I have been making rag dolls (photo and separate post to come). I have perfected a couple of recipes (separate posts to follow). The new Pool is looking fabulous and working equally as well. I have been meeting new people (who will hopefully progress to being friends). Oh, and I have done a little road trip too lol.

So, I am off to read before going to bed but will have posts and photos for tomorrow :-)

Image: "Im the social Butterfly" by making-new-art

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