Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Car Shrunk

Bellingen is an amazing little town when it comes to weather - it gets more than its fair share of floods, the moisture of the floods and the inevitable sub-tropical sunshine afterwards can produce a wide range of molds and fungi, there are heavy mists that rest in the gullies and lift in finger-live tendrils as then day warms up. And most magic of all happened last night when I parked my car on the road instead of under
the carport and it shrunk. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it!

You can see by the photos that there should be plenty of room for my little piles in the back of a Hyundai Accent - or there would have been if it hadn't shrunk! Oh, and there is the desktop computer and associated hardware as well lol.

Okay, so maybe my spacial awareness is a little wanting, or a little optimistic. Either way it was time for cull number 4 of what I am defining as important to take with me. Which I did technically have a whole morning to do but decided to avail myself of the local hospitality and to have the opportunity of a drinkie after bellofoodbox and stay one more night and take off on Thursday so I have even more time :-)

Adventure now starts tomorrow instead of tonight.

PS: Please forgive my screwy use of tense in this post, I have been drafting it all day in my head and plans have changed but the mental editing didn't always lol


Unknown said...

ha ha ha - I remember a similar situation involving a mini ...... and a final move interstate ...... oh yeah, fun times. (And when the Mini shrinks, you really do have problems).

Pearl Maya said...

he he he, yes I had more room that a mini :-)