Monday, March 25, 2013

Going for a Little Drive

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball and I am going to smack this latest one out of the park .... all the way down south to Tasmania.

I leave on Wednesday. The cleaner has been, the carpets have been cleaned, the car has been cleaned and checked, the books have been rehomed, the going away party has been held ....  and my living room still has waaaaay to much stuff in it.

My mantra for the past few weeks has been: if it doesn't fit in the car it isn't coming. Then, when I realised I would be back this way in October I have made some concessions and have taken up an offer by a wonderful woman to store a few things with her.

I thought I had pretty much done my cull but there is still to much for my little car, now I shall be doing my secondary cull. Okay so maybe I don't need 12 sarongs but .... sigh ....

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