Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Waiting Game

It has been two weeks and two days (not counting the weekend, that would make it two weeks and four days) .... no mail yet.

I sent letters to my great aunt, a cousin in South Africa and my uncle looking for information on the family tree and after getting both excited and anxious after just two days I had to make myself wait for two weeks until I raised the subject again.

I have considered that two weeks would be the absolute minimum in getting a reply - and that would only be if they sat down and responded immediately upon receiving my letter - so they may still be coming.

But it is the anticipation of it all lol. Okay if I haven't heard anything in two weeks from today, then I will start pacing lol


pita-woman said...

When I started digging for my roots a few years ago, I spent a fortune on postage and printing sending questionnaires out to people all over the USA. I was lucky if I got 25% back, and I even provided pre-paid postage envelopes.
At a family reunion one year, I handed out the questionnaire and made everyone fill it out and turn it back in before they left, that helped a lot.
Good luck and have patience!

Mountaingirl said...

Lol, I am not sure I will get the opportunity for a reunion for this side of the family but oh the excitement of being so close to long unanswered questions :-)