Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Almost Saw Philip Adams!

I was sitting in one of my favorite cafes doing my paper on Chaucer and drinking peppermint tea. The paper was pretty much finished so I paid my bill and prepared to leave when I thought I saw Philip Adams!
Wasn't I glad I was carrying Chaucer and not the New Idea lol.
Sitting at the big table near the door was a doppelganger for the great man! I couldn't really sit down again as it was obvious that I was leaving, and the person in question appeared to be a meeting-like conversation with the others seated near him so what was a girl to do? I paused and looked at some art and strained to hear his voice - a twinge of a Canadian accent and not quite deep enough made me 90% sure it wasn't him. But that left a 10% possibility that I was mistaken or that he disguised his voice in public to avoid run-ins with people like me.
I left with the situation un-resolved but I danced as I considered that today was the day that I almost saw Philip Adams.


kyles said...

Laughs....I've got visions of Philip Adams blogging that he almost saw Pearl today...his number one fan!

Priscila said...

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Wow.. I hope it was him! I love Chaucer.

Mountaingirl said...

I am learning to love Chaucer .... well enough to pass this unit anyway. I like him a lot (which is an improvement in delaying reading the book for as long as possible) but I can't say 'love' just yet ... maybe after another assignment :-)