Friday, April 5, 2013

Nearly There

The Spirit of Tasmania has much to recommend it from various eateries, gift shops, a cinema, casino, and various other services and forms of entertainment. Honestly couldn't tell you about any of them. I drove my car on- board, found my seat and effectively went to sleep. I did stir when be left Melbourne and again somewhere in the middle of the night when I thought about how very dark it was (with the exception of the ship's lights) and then didn't stir again until the lights came on about 5.30 am as we weren't far off docking.

From there I waited my turn, drove off the ship, followed the big green signs and was off.

Functional - yes. Comfortable - yes. Anything else - couldn't possibly say.

Maybe when I go on it next time I will get to appreciate a bit more of on-board life.

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