Sunday, November 28, 2010


"...but it is my right to have a baby..."

No, it isn't. It is an honor, a privilege, a blessing, a ... well many things. Most of all it is a responsibility.

And call me judgmental if you want but the woman was close to 40, a long term drug-user/abuser with no long term partner and no financial security. Maybe if having a baby would be the trigger to settle down she could settle down first and THEN think about bringing another life into this world.

Just as puppies aren't just for Christmas, babies are for a lifetime - and the first 18 years are pretty hands on. They may not need all the latest gadgets or to follow all the trends but they do need love and stability, protection and nurturing, teaching and discipline. They take a phenomenal amount of time and an equal amount of money.

Yes it is all worth it (or at least parents tell me so - I can't have kids myself but I do get to share the joy of others) but it is a huge responsibility and a very long way to being your "right".

Image: "baby" by GenevieveAlbert

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pita-woman said...

Amen sister! As we were discussing at work today, I get so aggrevated with these women I see paying for groceries with foodstamps that have a half dozen kids at their feet, yet the mother can afford tattoes and perfectly manicured finger/toe nails and to wear all sorts of bling. I think some have the children just so they can collect a bigger welfare check.
Oh, don't get me started!